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Equipment and Technology

As in every facet of our daily lives, technological advancements play a significant part in our dental practice. 
New equipment is a must if we are to provide state of the art or better therapies, we invest regularly to
assure that our treatments can be held to the highest standards.
Some of the equipment we have invested in provides for faster treatment.
Some provide for more comfort to the patient.
Others provide the ability to do things not previously possible.
Below is a list of the technology that we have invested in to achieve those goals.

  • Digital X-rays – They are still x-rays, but instead of exposing film, the x-ray exposes a digital sensor that feeds the image directly to a computer where it can be seen. Convenient, quick, simple, effective, and best of all, about a 90% reduction in the amount of radiation required.
  • Digital photographs – As in the above x-rays, digital photographs are quick and simple, can be seen right away, and can be sent via email or text. They are also a very powerful resource for documenting conditions.
  • Cold Laser - There are hundreds of kinds of lasers. This one, also known as a “Healing Laser”,  has a beam of energy that penetrates up to two inches into the body’s tissues to promote and accelerate healing. Very useful post surgery, treating TMJ, or any other inflammatory situation.
  • Ozone – Probably one of the most controversial topics in medicine worldwide is the usefulness of ozone.  We’ve devoted a whole page in this website to it, so if you want to see how this “wonder drug” can help you, check out that page.
  • Intra-Oral camera – Someone once said that “a picture is worth a thousand words”.  And this little camera that goes inside the mouth to take close-up pictures proves it.  Want to see that crack that is developing way back there on your back molar?  This is how we do it.
  • Soft Tissue Laser – This is a surgical instrument unlike the “Cold Laser”.  We use it primarily where we need to control the gum tissues around a crown or filling that has extended under the gumline, but it has a multitude of treatment possibilities.
  • 3D CAT Scans – The latest in digital x-ray imaging, the 3D “Cone Beam CAT Scan” is a powerful tool in diagnosing Orthodontic issues, bone problems, tmj problems, airway problems, and more.
  • T-Scan – This instrument is another digital based machine. It is kind of the equivalent of the blue carbon paper we have used for years to show where a filling or crown is too high in the bite so we can level it out. This device allows us to balance out the whole bite from left to right and front to back, and more. It is more sensitive than you are, so it is very useful in treating bite problems, balancing orthotics, finishing orthodontic cases, etc. 
  • Intra-Oral Scanner – Hate getting that goopy stuff in your mouth to get a night guard made, or a crown? This new scanner is basically a 3D camera, from which models of the teeth can then be fabricated using a 3D printer. Crowns, bridges, dentures, retainers, night guards, and more are all made from models of the teeth. This system simply scans the teeth and creates a 3D image. The technology has become so advanced that a crown can be made for your tooth completely through the digital scanning, design, and fabrication without ever making a model at all. The accuracy is astounding. 
  • Air Abrasion – With an emphasis on conservative restorative dentistry in this office, the Air Abrasion system plays an important part. The handpiece of this machine delivers a stream of grit, water, and air that can clean stains off your tooth, drill a hole in your tooth to expose a cavity, clean out the decay, roughen the surface to get a better bond, and even coat the surface of the tooth roots where gum recession has exposed them. No vibration from a noisy drill and very painless so It allows us to do more conservative dentistry with less “shots”.