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Integrative Therapy

One feature that sets this practice apart from all others is the focus on integrative therapy.
With multiple healthcare practitioners coordinating their treatments together, we have the opportunity to resolve issues
that you cannot do single handed. It is like trying one drug and having it fail, then another with the same result, but never attempting to combine them at the same time.
For well over 10 years, I've had the luxury of having a chiropractor, Osteopathic Physician, and a mentor Dentist all work in my office directly with me in resolving issues for patients.
More recently with the addition of my daughter providing myofunctional therapy services in the office as well, we can focus equally on causes as well as remedies.
Probably the best example of how important this integration of therapies is in the construction and assessment of oral appliances.
When a Dentist takes a bite for a night guard, for example, he/she should be aware that it is changing temporarily their bite.  Changes in the bite change jaw posture, jaw joint function, head posture, airway, and more. As Dentists we were taught to take a bite registration based on dental function. But knowing that we are going to influence more than just the dental relationship implies that we need to be able to assess those other parts of the body that are affected as well.
Dentists are not trained to assess cervical vertebrae, body posture, neurology, or any other non-dental body component,
but Chiropractors are, and Osteopathic Physicians are, so it makes perfect sense to me that I should have one of them assessing a patient's response to the changes I made in the dental system.
Technology continues to give us better and better diagnostic tools, but the information we obtain from combining our skills, is information that as yet no machine has been able to provide.