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Dental Ozone

When one mentions medical ozone, most people say they have never heard of it. Yet ozone has been used for medical purposes for over a hundred years, mostly outside of the U.S.
Medical ozone is the same molecule that exists in our atmosphere, and in smog, but in a pure form has properties very useful in the medical field. It is a powerful molecule that is used by public utilities to sterilize water and by industry to sterilize foods and liquids. It is ideal for all these uses because it is an unstable form of oxygen that breaks down into oxygen or water, leaving no other residue like other chemicals.

Outside of the U.S., ozone has been used for decades in the medical community. Its primary use comes from the fact that ozone kills all bacteria, all viruses, all fungi, and a few other cell forms as well, but does not harm human cells due to their anti-oxidant cellular makeup. Because it is so powerful in doing so, and has no residues to create side effects, it is the ideal “drug” to use for infectious wounds and diseases. The problem with ozone is that it is an unstable gas. This means that it must be produced and used at the same time, and must be contained in some way because of its irritating properties to the eyes and lungs.Its rapid rise in interest and use recently stems from technological advances in producing and administering it.

Today, ozone is used in three popular forms.
It is used directly as a gas, it is percolated into water, and it is percolated into oils, with olive oil being the most popular.
In dentistry, the gas form is being used primarily to sterilize tooth decay and treat gum disease as both are bacterial infections. It is also well suited for sterilizing root canals as a gas can penetrate much more thoroughly into tooth structure than the traditional liquids.
The ozonated water is being found to be useful in reducing oral bacteria by rinsing with it, reducing enlarged tonsils by gargling with it, and sterilizing water lines in dental units. Ozonated oils have been found to be very useful in treating viral infections like cold sores and fever blisters. It is also very useful in wound healing both in the mouth and on the skin.  

For those who are interested in knowing more about ozone, you will find massive amounts of information on ozone on the internet. You will quickly see that there is an ample supply of research supporting its use, just not much here in the US.
For many years, Germany, South America, Middle Eastern Countries, and Cuba have been the sources for research and information on ozone.