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Orthodontic and Myofunctional Therapy

Orthodontic Treatment for every age

Our orientation towards orthodontic treatment is to focus on the features of the dental system that effect its function and how its function effects other systems in the body. 
The two most crucial components are the jaw joints (TMJ's) and the Airway. 
As you can read elsewhere on this site about TMJ and Airway, I'll leave it to say that optimally developing the dental system
to enhance the function of these two components is at the core of our treatment. 
This does not mean that we don't care about the teeth getting straight.  It just means that we start by building a healthy foundation and finish with making the teeth straight. 
As we now know that oral muscle function causes and/or maintains the distortions that result in orthodontic issues, we incorporate myofunctional therapy into our treatment paradigm as well.  This makes the changes go easier and faster
(we are both pushing the same direction), and the end results more stable.  It is therefore a given that if the muscles of
the mouth and face are not functioning properly, the orthodontic result will not be stable, and sometimes unachievable.
For example, if we have not been able to stop a child from mouth breathing, orthodontic stability will not happen. 
The minute "retainers" are removed, relapse begins.  The primary instrument used is called an "Advanced Lightwire Functional", or "ALF" for short.  It was developed many years ago by Dr. Darick Nordstrom, who spends a day with us each month.  You can find quite a bit of information on the internet about him and the "ALF". 
Removable appliances, braces, retainers, myofunctional "trainers", and "Invisalign" like appliances are also utilized in achieving the best possible result.
One of the newest technologies we've added is a new type of brace that uses ultra-light wires with clear brackets.